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LINK Tools are Designed
for User Safety &


Safety & Health:

Testers report they have never seen any tool that approached the order of magnitude in efficiency increase as LINK Tools.

Both evaluations by the US Army and TÜV Rheinland reported task time reductions between 25% to 50%.

The patented LINK design had no broken connections in the 90 day US military tests.

TÜV noted workers were able to work from a normal comfortable posture and were not required to be placed in positions that cause bodily stress and strain.

LINK Tools allowed for quicker work set up and quick tool changes with one-handed attachment and one-handed release.

TÜV awarded LINK Tools a Q-Mark in on the job user testing.

Trailblazing drag racer “Big Daddy” Don Garlits said, “This is the first technological breakthrough that I have seen in tools in my entire career.”

The TÜV study certified LINK Tools for safety while noting “users tests confirm they also significantly reduce strain, stiffness and pain.”

US Military declared “overall risk reduction of 40%.”

A hand-to-work locking tool connection promotes safety in the workplace for both workers and equipment.

LINK Tools help facilities meet Foreign Materials Exclusion and Foreign Object Damage programs and mandates.

0User Benefits:

Reduced medical expense.
Diminished sick leave.
Reduced workers comp costs.
Prolonged work life and increased earning power for workers.



Awarded the Q Mark by TUV Rheinland for safety, durability and ergonomic excellence.

Awarded a second Q Mark in user testing for the ability to significantly improve task performance and to significantly reduce body strain.




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