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Chicago, IL 60614
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About LINK Tools

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, LINK Tools are designed to improve the quality of a mechanic’s work life. The patented Lock-Solid design provides a system of tools that automatically lock at each connection and allows for simple one-handed release. Only LINK Tools hand-to-work locking provides the functionality of a one-piece custom tool, no matter how many parts you string together.

LINK tools are used wherever the highest level of safety and productivity are demanded and have received widespread acclaim in numerous industries, including aviation and aerospace, marine and fleet maintenance, plant maintenance including maintenance and repair of all fixed, costly, delicate and complex machinery.

For example, over 20% of the world’s nuclear facilities now use LINK tools (over 80% in North America alone) in their Foreign Material Exclusion programs.



Pete Roberts: Legendary
Tool Designer

Pete is the inventor of both the Sears quick release ratchet and the LINK LOCK SOLID™ technology that locks all components from the users-hand to the work. Pete designed the Link tool line to solve problems users have with accidental disconnects and dropped sockets. In many applications retrieving dropped components can take several hours.

When asked to comment on his impressive drive system, he was quoted, “It is surprising the amount of time you save when you’re not picking sockets up off the floor or out of machinery!”

  • Pete’s original design has sold over 150 million units.
  • Pete now holds over 25 national and international patents on LINK products



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Link Testimonials Link Applications New Link Products